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Spanish Non Residents Tax Form (210)

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    We will review the information you send us and inform you about our service fee and the taxes to be paid.

    We will charge you our service fee for complete and file your Modelo 210 tax return. Additionally you can pay now for the taxes and we'll take care of everything, or you can decide to pay later, in that case we will give you further steps to complete the process.

    Your Modelo 210 Tax Details

    Our easy to use form takes just a few minutes to complete.

    Once we have received your details we will complete and file your Modelo 210 tax return for you with the Spanish tax authorities and we will then contact you to advise you about the amount of tax that you need to pay.

    There is nothing to pay now – our service fee of €62 (plus VAT at 7%) is only due once we have calculated your tax return and advised you of the amount of tax owed.

    This fee covers returns for properties with one or two owners. Thereafter, we charge an additional fee of €20 for each additional owner.

    Please note – parking spaces and garages are separate taxable entities to any property and require their own individual returns.  So attracting both additional taxes and fees.

    We offer a variety of safe and secure payment methods to best suit you, including bank transfer, credit card payment and cheque.

    All of the information that you provide remains safely encrypted and secure throughout this process.

    Please note – the deadline for tax submissions is December 31st.

    How much tax will I have to pay?

    Typically, between 1.1% and 2% of the catastral value of the property – this varies dependent on where in Spain your property is located and the year in which it was last assessed.

    If you have more questions about the Modelo 210 non-letting tax or our services please visit our FAQ’s page 

    Help With Completing This Form

    Help With Completing This FormHow do I find the Catastral Reference number of my property?

    You will find this reference/refererencia number on your local rates bill, also called the IBI, or SUMA in certain parts of Spain, which is issued to you by the local town hall in the area where your Spanish property is located. If you have set up a direct debit for the payment of your rates then this information can also usually be found on the receipt you can print out from the bank.

    How do I find the Catastral Value for my property?

    You will find this value/valor figure on the same document. Please reference your most recent rates bill to ensure that the Catastral Value is up to date. In other words, for the presentation of 2020 tax, use the valor catastral from your 2020 IBI or SUMA receipt.

    Which Year Am I Filing For?

    The Modelo 210 Non-Letting Tax is applied retrospectively. So in 2022 you are required to file a return for 2021.

    If you would like to file for other previous years please contact us direct at

    I don’t have an IBI/local rates bill to hand – now what?

    If you have an electronic ID certificate or electronic DNI number you can access these details online by visiting the Spanish government’s SedeCatastro website (in English)

    Some town halls (ayuntamientos) also have a specific helpline email for non-residents who own property in the municipality. So you can contact them and ask them for this information.

    How do I find my NIE Number?

    The NIE number is your personal and unique tax ID number in Spain. You will find this number on either your NIE card or on your local rates/IBI bill. You can also usually find it on your purchase deeds/escritura.