Our Modelo 210 service is extremely simple to use.

You complete the online Model 210 tax form and we calculate the amount of tax you have to pay.

We advise you of the two payment options;

  1. You can pay us the total amount (tax and fee), we then submit and pay your taxes for you.
  2. You pay us the fee only and we present the tax as a direct debit, the payment will not be taken by the authorities until 31st December.

As soon as the taxes have been presented, we send you the tax returns and invoice by email.

Our fee, unlike other services, is per property and not per person, this applies to up to two owners, for three or more owners please add 20.00€ per additional owner.

Our service circumvents the hassle normally associated with tax returns generally and specifically with possible language confusion with the Spanish tax system. Our simple and straightforward service benefits you compared to other offerings in several different ways.

One-Stop, All-Inclusive Service

Many other tax consultancy services leave much of your tax-paying responsibilities to you, presenting your tax forms and paying directly into the bank, we handle everything under one roof. We calculate your taxes, complete your tax returns and organise your payment direct with the Spanish tax office and supply to you your official receipt. All efficiently done for you!

Clear, Transparent Pricing

Our fees are very clear and all-inclusive, the price being €62 per property (for single or co owners). Therefore our services usually works out more economical. From then on we charge an additional €20 for each individual owner.

It is important to note that parking spaces and garages also incur tax charges so require to be assessed individually, attracting additional taxes and fees.

Payment Flexibility

We offer secure options for payment, for example, credit cards, debit, direct debit of your taxes, bank transfers and even cheques (under certain conditions).

In-House Service

Our offices are located in Spain (Lanzarote, in fact), we work directly with the Spanish tax office and process all the work on your tax returns in house.

Therefore you will always know which member of our friendly, English-speaking team is working on your tax return.

Our Experience – Since 1993

Our founder, Ben Einar Simkins has been working in taxation for decades, he first established his consultancy in in Spain 1993.

Ben has a degree in Economics, is a fully-qualified and accredited tax consultant and is a member of recognised trade bodies such as REAF (Association of Economist and fiscal advisors), and CFE (association of European tax advisors).

We endeavour to make payments simple and offer a variety of secure payment methods including bank transfer, credit card/debit card, Direct debit of your taxes and even cheques.

But, we can only accept Spanish bank Cheques up until mid November each year as they will need time to clear.

The amount of tax payable is determined on where your property is located in Spain.

Your tax liability is based on the valor catastral, the rateable value of your Spanish property, not its market value. The calculation of your taxes also depends on the latest IBI/local rates/council tax bill, and in what country the owners live.

The amount of tax you pay varies on where your property is located in Spain.

The annual rateable amount (Catastral valor), will determine how much tax you pay annually – not its market value. The calculated amount also depends on when your property was last assessed by your local council in Spain.

Our one-stop charge costs just €62 (plus local VAT of 7%). This charge is for tax returns for properties with one or two owners. For each additional owner there is a flat charge of €20.

Our service covers the complete process from start to finish so, saving you your valuable time, money and the need to get involved with the Spanish tax authorities.

If you factor in the cost of lawyers, accountants, solicitors plus the Spanish equivalent of these services, usually costing hundreds of euros, a considerable saving is made.

If you select payment option 1, (note, how does our service work, above), you transfer to us the tax and the fee just before we present your tax returns.

Option 2, you send us the fee just before we present your tax returns which will then be paid by direct debit to the Agency Tributeria on 31st of December.

Several forms of payment are acceptable, credit/debit card, bank transfer and cheque. Spanish cheques have to be submitted by mid November to allow time for the cheque to clear.

If you spend less than 183 days per annum in Spain you are deemed non-resident for tax purposes in Spain

The deadline for Modelo 210 non-resident payment of taxes is 31st December each year.

The payments are always based on previous year´s figures so, for example, taxes due in 2022 (between January and December), you will need to submit your return and pay tax for the tax year 2021.

For logistical reasons our website can only accept new clients and payments up until 15th December.

If you have sold your property, you will still need to pay the outstanding tax from 1st January until the selling of the property is completed.

Spanish tax legislation requires this.

Tax records are kept by the Spanish authorities and will always investigate where no returns have been filed for a particular property .

It is possible though to pay previous years taxes if you have fallen behind.

The Tax authorities do keep records of all properties who have never filed tax returns so sooner or later they will catch up with the non tax payers. Also, the non payment of tax could cause problems for non-resident owners when they come to sell their properties in Spain.

In this case, we would be happy act on your behalf as intermediaries and probably resolve this issue for you.

No it doesn’t, our price is per property and not per person. Our fees remain the same for up to two joint owners of any property.

For three or more owners, please contact us for a quotation.

Head of our team is British-born Ben Einar Simkins.

Ben was born in the UK but moved to Spain with his family in the mid 1970´s so is fluent in both English and Spanish. Ben has a degree in Economics and is a fully-qualified tax consultant and tax advisor. He is also a member of leading Spanish trade bodies such as REAF (Association of Economists and Fiscal Assessors), and CFE (Association of European Tax Advisors).

Ben first established his tax consultancy in Spain in 1993 and has gathered in that time a wealth of experience, he is certainly an expert in this field. Ben specialises in the area of non-resident taxation and traded online as TaxesOnline.es before re-launching as spanishtaxform210.com in 2022.

Another very important person at spanishtaxform210.com is Montse Farray Real.

She is a qualified tax Tax Advisor, and is popular member of Ben´s team since 2003. Montse is welcoming, friendly and helpful.